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The study of the historical ties between North America and Spain is now, more than ever, of vital importance for the Social Sciences and Humanities

Furthermore, the present and future of the peoples who inhabit these territories is both marked and defined by their socio-economic ties. The emerging new cultural cartographies cannot be studied or discussed outside the framework of these connections.

The City College of New York – Division of Interdisciplinary Studies, the Instituto Cervantes of New York, and the Instituto Franklin of the Universidad de Alcalá join for the fourth year in organizing this conference through this call for papers in different disciplines and areas of study with an emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches to the historical links between Spain and North America. As always, the primary aim of the conference is to provide a meeting place for academics and professionals with an interest in other disciplines related to this subject as well as to interact with other members within and outside their own disciplines in the areas of Humanities and Social Sciences.

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Submission Deadline: November 30, 2017

Extended Submission Deadline: January 15, 2018 


The conference is organized in sections with different focal points. The following topics will be prioritized:

A.New Cultural Cartographies
B.Colonial Studies  
C.Postcolonial Studies  
D.Links in Education  
E.Cultural Studies .
F.International Relations  
G.Economy and Labor / Corporations in the XXI century
H.Science and Technology
I. Military and Security Policy

Proposals for panels containing three lectures on the same topic are also welcome.

Organizing committee:

Carlos Aguasaco (CCNY-CUNY)
Ana Vázquez Barrado (Instituto Cervantes)
Danielle Zach (CCNY-CUNY; Adelphi University)
Susanna Rosenbaum (CCNY-CUNY)
Ana Lariño (Instituto Franklin-UAH)
Álvaro Gutiérrez (Instituto Franklin-UAH)

Scientific Committee:

Jose Antonio Gurpegui (Instituto Franklin-UAH)
Juan Carlos Mercado (CCNY-CUNY)
Ignacio Olmos (Instituto Cervantes)
Kathlene McDonald (CCNY-CUNY)
Cristina Crespo (Instituto Franklin-UAH)
Julio Cañero (Instituto Franklin-UAH)